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Welcome to Dimitri G Demekas Online, my personal website.

Its purpose is to provide access to my past and present research and professional activities. You will find information on and links to the International Monetary Fund, global financial stability issues, stress testing, European issues, and other topics in which I have been professionally involved, notably the economics and politics of Southeastern Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, and the Baltics.

The first version of this site was built up in a hurry when I started running out of reprints of my old academic journal articles, as a way to stop making copies of copies to share with colleagues. That was way back in the last century. Soon I found out that it was also a handy way to give my CV and information about me to people who asked: business associates, counterparts, government officials, and journalists. And why not add a vanity page, with a few pictures for friends and family? By now, it has become an important channel of communicating my activities, ideas, and things I care about. 

In addition to a few thousand visitors and enquiries about my research, this website has brought me some surprises:  fan mail (and some hate mail) from complete strangers; a distant cousin from an unknown--to me--branch of my family; an offer from an association of Greek resistance fighters in Athens during WWII to search their archives for more wartime photographs of my father; and an invitation to a high-school reunion from friends whose track I had lost about more than 30 years ago.

Thanks for visiting.