Economist and financial sector expert, with an extensive record of research, publications, and speeches on economics and finance, and a 30-year career at the International Monetary Fund, which he left in 2017 as Assistant Director of the Monetary & Capital Markets Department. He revamped the IMF’s financial surveillance toolkit and managed the development of new macroprudential stress testing models to reflect the lessons of the global financial crisis. He worked bilaterally with country governments, as well as globally through the Financial Stability Board (FSB), to turn these lessons into realistic reforms and policies tailored to the needs of individual countries.
International negotiator and strong communicator, with decades of experience designing economic reforms and persuading senior policy-makers to implement them, bridging gaps between technocrats and politicians, economists and financial regulators. Hands-on experience in institution-building, technical assistance, and working with donors in emerging market and developing countries.

Independent consultant for various organizations, and Special Adviser on financial stability issues at the Bank of England.

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